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Customized Magic Mug 325 ML With Photo


Celebrate special moments with a personalised magic mug.

Printing a personalised gift online for a friend or colleague may be difficult. You want to get them the ‘perfect’ gift, so you spend hours looking, thinking about what they would really like. Magic Mug is a perfect gift which you can customise with some fun memories, messages or a combination of both.

The colour changing magic mug can be used for personal or professional gifting on a variety of occasions.

You can use these beautiful magical mugs for any occasion or event. Make your family and friends spend every moment with that mug whenever a hidden photo is revealed. Delight them with magic!

theamahikart brings for you this amazing and spectacular magic mug which you can personalize with a photo and message and send as Gifts to India to your beloved family in India. The speciality of the mug is that apparently it will look black in colour but as you pour anything hot inside it, the original personalized image and message will be revealed. With time as as the liquid gets cold, the mug will get black again.

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